How to move a service from one customer account to another

If you have a number of services (domains, hosting...) in your customer account,  you may need one or more of them to be moved to another customer account. This can be done using one of the undermentioned methods.

Target account already exists

In order to move service into a target account that already exists, it is necessary to send request using
 a contact form. Send us the application after login to the customer account in which are the services registered. Please enter into the form login and password of the target account into which the services should be moved (so it is necessary to have the authorization data for both accounts).

If you don´t know the login and password of the target account (e.g. because this account belongs to another person who won´t you tell you their password), send the request without the authorization data for the target account. We assign such an application an ID number, which we send you back. With this ID number can apply for the transfer completion the owner of the target account. We find your first request according to this ID and the authorization of the service transfer will be complete.

The request for transfer of the service to another account might look like this:

„I ask for transfer of the domain and webhosting mydomain.tld from the current account login 987654AB and password abcdefg, to the account with login 456789YZ and password defghchi.“


 „I ask for transfer of the domain and webhosting mydomain.tld from the current account to which I´m authorized to Mr. Smith´s account. Mr. Smith applies for a transfer completion through the contact form sent from his account to which the service will be moved."

Target account does not exist

If the target account does not exist and you need transfer the service e.g. to a new account because of their own administration, it is necessary to register the new account at The rest is the same as described above.