What DNS records can be edited at the service Package

For web and email functionality on your domain you generally need to set the following 3 DNS records:

  • domain.tld    A      81.2.19x.xxx  (81.2.19x.xxx is an IP address of the web server)
  • *.domain.tld  CNAME  domena.tld    (instead of * (stars) can be written www)
  • domain.tld    MX     10 mxavas.forpsi.com

For the service Package, we set these records ourselves.  

For all Packages (except of package EMAIL), the second level domain name (domain.tld) and subdomain www (www.domain.tld) should be directed at our webserver. We recommend not to change these records.

For the Package EMAIL, it is recommended not to change or delete the MX records directed at our mail server. It is also possible to add and change the records with lower priority (higher number before the mailserver name).

When a customer changes the DNS records, our company can not be liable for malfunction of the service Package.