Setting time range for Outlook events' synchronization

Since version 2.7.0 synchronization client allows to specify time range used for synchronization Outlook events.
  • Select item Configuration wizard from menu Options. In the second step you can choose a time period which allows to specify Outlook events for synchronization.

  • This option ensures that not all Outlook events will be loaded for synchronization. It is useful in case that Outlook contains a huge amount of events (thousands) – it will reduce the time necessary for synchronization.  
  • In the actual version the feature works ONLY with Outlook calendar's events – it has no influence on events stored in the webmail calendar.  Webmail events older than the time range you set WILL BE  synchronized to the Outlook calendar.
  • Use this option to restrict the time range ONLY if you are sure that you will not modify Outlook calendar events older than the period you set. When using the option "Synchronize all events" , the synchronization client's functionality will be the same as in last versions.
You can use 6 time periods:
  • synchronize events for the last week
  • synchronize events for the last month
  • synchronize events for the last 3 months
  • synchronize events for the last 6 months
  • synchronize events for the last year
  • synchronize all events
If you use the option `Synchronize events for the last month`, events in Outlook with date May and older will not be synchronized to the webmail calendar. However all events from the webmail calendar will be synchronized to the Outlook calendar!