Synchronization PC client

1. Download and configuration
  • An actual version is always available on the page "Synchronization with Outlook client".
  • In case of upgrade from version newer than 2.6.2 you haven't to remove previous version first. You can choose the same directory as was used in past (standard installation directory is C:\Program Files\ForpsiSync\)
  • When run sync client first time, old configuration is used (language, server address and email account parameters). You have to configure resources again.

2. How to set the PC client language

  • Click on the ForpsiSync icon from Windows Start menu
  • When run PC client for the first time you can language from language window. Otherwise go to menu Options and click on the item Language. 

2. Configuration

  • Use configuration wizards from the menu Options to setup synchronization options.

a) configuration wizard

  • Click to the Options menu and select item Configuration wizard. Wizard will lead you in several steps by setting parameters needed for synchronization (server address, email account, application and resources which will be synchronized - Outlook personal address books and calendars).

  • Function "Setting time range for Outlook events' synchronization" is described in the knowledge base article  with the same name.
synchronization wizard address book
synchronization wizard calendar
  • Webmail resources (calendars and address books) are displayed automatically, if you don't need to synchronize some of them, please select Don't synchronize from Synchronization type combo box.
  • Synchronization type (is configured for each resource separately
    • Normal synchronization: setting this option will ensure that the data will be synchronized in both directions between your local application (Outlook or Outlook Express) and the server (webmail)
    • Download from server: setting this option will ensure that the data will be sent only from the webmail to the local application. No update made in the local address book or calendar (Outlook or Outlook Express) will be sent to the webmail.
    • Upload to server: setting this option will ensure that the data will be sent only from the local application to the webmail. No update made in the webmail book or calendar will be sent to the mail client.
  • Click to button Finish to finish wizar.

3. Client's behavior settings

  • Go to menu Options and select item Sync settings. You can set there additional options.

client's behavior setting

4. Synchronization of data to the mail client

  • In order to launch the synchronization, click on the Sync button.
  • If synchronization to Outlook client was chosen, it is necessary to allow the synchronization client access to the Outlook data. (this is possible to do in the windows opened)

allow access

  • If it is the first synchronization, or if the previous synchronization was not successful, you will be asked to do the Slow Sync  (independent of the selected synchronization. This could generate some duplicated contacts (or events) in both address books (or calendars). For each source (Calendar, Contacts) an information window is displayed - it is enough to confirm it by clicking on the OK button

slow synchronization

  • The Synchronization client displays a synchronization progress in its window

synchronization client log window