Testing operation of web presentations on new server c205wh.forpsi.com

You can test the correct operation of your presentation on the new web server c205wh.forpsi.com, which replaces the original server lajka.forpsi.com, on this temporary address:

domain.tld.c205wh.forpsi.com (please, insert the specific name of your domain for "domain.tld"!).

If your presentation cannot be displayed on a different URL than the original URL address (e.g. due to redirect), it is possible to test the new web server by modifying the hosts file (http://support.forpsi.com/KB/a2400/). Add the following line in your hosts file:     www.domain.tld

Any inconsistencies and errors can be reported to us via our customer support portal: http://support.forpsi.com.