Login page
The address for logging into the new web interface is webmail.forpsi.com on a secure protocol. When using a custom domain you will also have to use a secure protocol (https://webmail.mydomain.cz) and approve a certificate exemption in your browser, because the certificate is issued only for the forpsi.com domain. On the login page you can also select the interface language, and choose a version of Webmail.
If you don’t want to enter your name and password each time you access the page, check the "Remember me" option. During subsequent visits, you will now login automatically without entering credentials. We strongly recommend not to use this option on public computers or computers where multiple users share a single account.

Log out
In order to logging out, click in the upper right corner on the button with your name and select Log out.
Automatic logout
Default value for the automatic logout is 120 minutes.
You can change that value in the Options > General settings > Automatic Logout
While login to the webmail the password change form could be displayed. It can occurs when you have a weak password. The interval of the password check is now 30 logins.
Warning: email accounts with weak passwords are used to be abused quite often. A change of the passwords shorter than 8 characters, containing  domain, sequence of characters (eg. 1234) and vice versa cannot be skipped. You can find password recommendations in the help located in the top right corner of the form.