Webmail settings are performed in the Settings section. 

There are two sections on the Settings page:


1. Account  (mailbox settings)

  • mailbox usage information, e-mail attachment limits, and the last 10 mailbox logins
  • password change
  • management of blocked and safe senders
  • forwarding and auto-reply settings
  • setting antispam behavior
  • manage connected accounts

2. Application (webmail settings)

  • customize the appearance of the webmail (display name, language)
  • profile photo settings - avatar is displayed only within the webmail interface
  • view, create, reply to, and forward messages
  • signature management
  • selection of the calendar visibility and availability
  • selection of individual modules visibility 



Some advanced settings and features are described in special posts





  • Profile picture
    - the avatar is displayed in the message list in the message preview only in webmail
  • User name: appears in the From field when writing an email
  • Language: set the interface language
  • Display after login: select the module that will be displayed after login (for the postmaster account it is advisable to display the Admin module)
  • Appearance: light / dark
  • Time zone: affects the time displayed for the message
  • Split pane mode: allows you to change the position of the window in which the content of the selected message will be displayed (right / bottom below the message list)
  • If the Expand reading pane by default check box is selected, the preview will always be displayed in the entire window
  • Automatic logout: if automatic login is not activated, you will be logged out after the selected time
  • Editor: font preferences




Files, Tasks, Notes

  • Set the number of items per page



Mailbox quota

To find out the current mailbox capacity (mailbox quota), in the top menu, click on the button with the mailbox name.

The menu contains information about the capacity of the mailbox, the capacity of the web storage and the free space in the Dropbox storage (if your Dropbox disk is connected).