Interface customization | Customize the left menu

In the current version, it is possible to customize the color of the interface and display of the left main menu at the message list page.
To change the appearance, click Options at the top menu.
If there is no such item in the menu (usually at lower resolution monitors or because of small size of the browser window), click the Other tab.

At Options page select General Settings.
Interface customization
  • Webmail is using Dark appearance by default. You can change it to Light appearance by selecting Light in the Look and Feel section.
  • Confirm the settings by clicking OK
Customize the left menu
  • By default, the left main menu on the Messages page displays icons of the most frequently used folders (Inbox, Folders, Labels, Sent Mail, Spam, Search, Filters and Deferred messages). This corresponds to the setting Default view in the "Start in" section..
Selecting Start in - Favourite folders and News allows you to customize the look as follows:
  • display of the icon labels
  • display favorite folders in the menu - go into the left submenu > right click the folder and select Mark as favorite
  • grouping of items (services, functions)
  • RSS reader

Note 1: Additional color customization is not currently available (it is planned for future versions)
Note 2: The change of appearance is not available for email variants without BUSINESS Mail