Sharing address books

Domain address book  | personal address book | changes of the permissions | canceling
Webmail uses two types of sharing:
  • Shared system address book (Corporate) - this address book is always visible to all mailbox accounts in the domain. Only the postmaster or a privileged user (see the part bellow) can add contacts or edit existing contacts. It is read-only for other mailbox accounts. This address book cannot be deleted.
  • Common (Personal) or a user created address book - you can set up sharing with other accounts and user permissions for these address books.
Domain address book
If you need to edit an address book, use the postmaster account to set up particular permissions.
In the top menu click the logout button and from the dropdown menu choose Admin.

Choose the item Corporate address book management and add the email address of the user who should have permissions for editing in the bottom part of the page.

Sharing of personal address books
In the folder list click on the requested item with right click and choose Share from the context menu.
You can also go to the Administration section Administrace, use the context menu on the particular address book and choose the item Share.
You can share an address book with other users using the Sharing settings form this way:
- Enter the email address into the user field without the domain,
- Choose requested permissions (view details, edit),
- Click the Add button (you can add multiple users like this),
End the setup by clicking the Close button.
Change of the permissions
If you need to change permissions first remove the certain address and then add it again with requested permissions.
Cancelling sharing
To remove a certain address use the Delete link at the end of the line.

To cancel sharing of the entire address book remove all users from the list, the sharing will be canceled automatically.