Admin interface description

Email accounts' management interface is available in the webmail. Use a special account postmaster or delegated account (to get more information about delegation of permissions read an article Access management).
Click on the logout area in the top menu and then select Admin.
There are five modules in the left main menu.:
Mailboxes - you can add or edit mailboxes' settings like:
  • change a password even without knowledge of a current password
  • activate forwarding, notification and autoreply (out of office answer)
  • change antispam settings
  • manage blacklist
  • create mailboxes with pre-defined antispam settings
  • apply antispam templates to the selected accounts or all domain's mailboxes by one click
  • create virtual mailbox and associate it to one or more existing email address
  • set antispam rules to any existing alias
Autoresponders (email robots)
  • create a virtual mailbox, which will send an automatic message to the sender and forward original message to the email address defined during creation
  • set antispam rules to any existing autoresponder
Manage - a module where you can delegate admin rights (permissions to access Admin panel) to the other mailboxes
  • Mail Admin - grant an access to the postmaster administration panel to certain users of your domain (they will have displayed an Admin button within a logout button).
  • Address book -  give users of your domain permissions to add and edit  contacts in the address book shared with all users
  • Calendar - give users of your domain permissions to add and edit events in the calendar shared with all users. You can also set a background of shared events there.