Creating mailbox

To create a new inbox first log in into webmail with the postmaster account or a delegated account (Access management).
Click on the button for logout in the top right corner and choose Admin from the menu.
In the left main menu choose the item Mailboxes and then click the ADD A MAILBOX button.
 A window with a form will open. Enter the requested information
  • Mailbox name  - email address without a domain
  • Display name - this information will be displayed only in the mailbox administration and provides additional info about the mailbox. It has no connection with the name displayed before your email address to the recipients of your messages in email clients(FFN – free form name)
  • Password - enter a password and and then repeat it one more time to confirm it is written correctly. A check tests how long and strong the password is. The result of this check is displayed on the right side of the password field.
If you have already created antispam template you can select it in the section TEMPLATES.
You can finish the creation of the account by clicking the CREATE BUTTON.