Editing mailbox

Editing mailbox settings
Login into webmail with the postmaster account or a privileged account (for more information see Access management).
In the top menu choose Admin.
If you can not see the Admin option, choose Tools and then Admin from the dropdown menu.

In the section Accounts, click on the mailbox whose password you want to change.

On the page there are sections which enable you to set up the features of a mailbox as you might know from setting up a common mailbox.
Basic settings
- information about a quota of the mailbox
- description of mailbox
- temporary mailbox disabling
Password - you need to know the current password
Advanced settings
- forward incoming messages up to 5 mailbox
- delete the messages sent to the account without sending any notification. (remove this option in case messages are not being delivered into the mailbox)
- notification of incoming messages
- autoreply (out of office message)
Antispam, Whitelist an Blacklist
These sections contain a similar settings known from the user part of webmail.

Changes made on this page will be saved after clicking the SAVE button (its name may change depending on the section you are in).
Export mailboxes
Select mailboxes in the messages' list and click on a button Export placed below the list.
Email addresses will be exported into the CSV (values with commas).
The name, display name, quota, information about forwarding and autoreply, amount of addresses in the blacklist and whitelist will be exported.
Delete mailbox
Single mailboxes can be deleted by clicking the Delete button placed in the upper right corner of the window.

For mass deletion of mailboxes first select the requested mailboxes in the list and then click the Delete button found below the list.