Domains .SK are not reserved from January 1st, 2017

New temporary rules of the .SK domains registration – valid from January 1st, 2017
The Central Registry of .SK domains administration (SK-NIC) will change a registration process of .SK domains in January 2017.
The condition of a slovak contact (slovak personal number or slovak company number) will be still valid. The change wil be in a domain registration order for persons who haven´t registered with SK-NIC yet.
The reservation process of .SK domains will be completely cancelled from January 1st, 2017
That means if a potential .SK domain owner hasn´t entered into a contract with SK-NIC yet, he will be firstly forced to do that, to take a permanent identifier and only then he can register .SK domain.  Domain .SK, ordered with contact data without a confirmed contract with SK-NIC, will be available for registration for the whole time till contract confirmation with SK-NIC and other clients can order it during the time too. It is really very necessary to confirm a contract just in time and after a permanent identifier receiving to hand over it to us for domain registration completion.
The whole version of the temporary rules you can read on the url below.