Reporting spam and emails falsely marked as spam

In the interface, it is possible to easily report either an email that you think is spam but was not marked as such, or an email that was falsely marked as spam (or moved to the SPAM folder). 

Reporting a spam
Method 1: Right-click the spam in the message list and select Mark as SPAM

Method 2: Open the message and click the Mark as SPAM button in the top bar.
The email will be moved to the Spam folder and a spam report will be automatically sent to Cloudmark's fingerprint database. Based on these reports, other similar emails can be evaluated as spam.
The report of an email falsely marked as spam is done in the same ways as a spam report, you just select the Unmark as SPAM option. The report will again be sent to Cloudmark, where it will be evaluated and, if the necessary conditions are met, similar emails will no longer be marked as spam.

Note: If you have downloaded the email to your email client, you can send us its source code on the portal (see the article Displaying the source code of an email) and we will then report this spam, resp. requested email marked as spam. If you are unable to obtain the source code of the email falsely evaluated as spam, please send us information about its sender and recipient and the date and time it was sent. In some cases, this information is sufficient for us