F-Page administration

Customer manages his F-Page service in the Customer Administration. Customer can do the followings:      
  • order a 30-day free TRIAL version (fully compatible with the paid SHOP version)
  • require the variant upgrade, (the only possible changes TRIAL -> WEB or SHOP, WEB -> SHOP)
  • order e-mail services and other additional services (e.g. GIGA mail)     
  • cancel the F-Page service

Customer uses the "Manage" button to log into the online editor for manging his website (WEB) or e-shop (SHOP).

Web Editor is a tool/platform that customer uses to create his website (site, blog, e-shop, etc.). It offers a wide range of preset templates that he/she can easily fill with his own texts, images, photos and other available components (e.g. forms). The editor also includes a photo gallery that can be used free of charge. All functionalities are user-friendly and no technical knowledge is required. The customer can create his/her website or e-shop and publish it with just a "few" mouse clicks.

Customers can find useful video tutorials from the Web editor environment on our YouTube channel.