Sending private and confidential messages

Before sending a message, you can set the confidentiality level of the message and limit the recipient's options for further processing. The confidentiality level allows you to restrict forwarding, copying, exporting, printing...

Setting the confidentiality level
In the New message window, click the button   

Select the desired confidentiality level from the drop-down list
  • Private: recipients will not be able to forward the message and reply to all
  • Confidential: recipients will not be able to forward, reply to all, copy and print the message
  • Reserved: recipients will not be able to forward, reply to all, forward, reply to all, copy, print and export the message

Reading confidential messages
If the sender has sent the email as confidential, the symbolwill appear in the message‘s list next to the message. If you hover the mouse over the symbol, the message restrictions will be displayed. When you reply, the confidentiality level is automatically set to the same level as the message you are replying to.

  1. Not all email clients fully support handling confidential messages. Recipients not using Forpsi webmail will be able to handle confidential messages in a normal way.
  2. Setting a message to be confidential will not prevent the recipient from manually transcribing the content, taking a screenshot and forwarding it, nor will it protect the message from being intercepted by computer viruses or other unwanted software.
  3. Despite the fact that the sender has set the confidentiality level to disable forwarding, messages will be forwarded using mailbox filters (the confidentiality setting only affects mail clients - webmail)