Contacts, Events and tasks synchronization

Business Mail offers you a PC synchronization client which allows you a bi-directional synchronization of calendar events, contacts and tasks between the server and the local mail client in an easy way. Only Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express (OS Windows) are supported. Thanks to the synchronization protocol SyncML used you can synchronize data with any other mobile device.

Installation, setting and use of the synchronization PC client is described inside the webmail on the left side menu item Synchronization - Synchronization with Outlook.  The direct link to the PC client help is

To run the ForpsiSync PC client it is necessary to have some libraries installed - provided for example by the package Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (download link on Microsoft website).

We strongly recommend you to make your local contacts and events backup before first or slow synchronization. When configuring the synchronization client in the wrong way, some local data could be lost.

1. PC synchronization client

  • Run synchronization client by clicking to link ForpsiSync in Windows Start menu.
  • Setting is described in the knowledge base article Synchronization PC client

2. Synchronization with mobile device

  • All data needed for appropriate client configuration are specified on the page Synchronization mobile phone after login to webmail.
  • You can find an example configuration of Android and iOS clients (Synthesis SyncML Client, Funambol) in the knowledge base article Synchronization with mobile device