External accounts

You can configure up to 4 e-mail accounts which you can check from the Webmail itself. The incoming e-mails will be displayed in the specific folders located in the left side menu External Accounts.

external accounts


  • All emails are displayed in "reader mode". It means that messages are not physically uploaded into mailbox so they don t use mailbox space.
  • You can connect to an external account through a secured or not secured POP3 / IMAP protocol
  • Depending on the protocol chosen either the complete structure of the mailbox folders (IMAP) or only the Inbox folder (POP3) will be displayed.


1. Add an external account

  • Go to the section External accounts and click the button Add a new account. A wizard will lead you through the configuration in two steps.

step-by-step configuration wizard

  • You can get all data necessary for the configuration of an external account from the e-mail account provider. In case of some Providers (Google, Yahoo, ...) the configuration data are filled in automatically as protocol, port, server address. You can check these values in the section Advanced configuration by clicking on the appropriate button. 
  • the entered details are used by other webmail features:
    • Provider - a name is displayed in the External accounts tree
    • Used name and email address - create new sending identity
      new sender indentity
  • when all data are entered click the Save button. The system will try to connect to the external account to check whether the entered data are correct

connection error

2. Modify the external account

  • Click to the appropriate account in the left side menu External accounts item. A list of the external accounts is displayed in the right panel. To display account properties click on the edit icon (pencil).
  • You can display them by clicking the right mouse button on the account and selecting Edit account from the content menu.

edit external account

advanced configuration window

  • Depending on the services activated by the e-mail account provider it is possible to change the protocol used.

3. Delete the external account

  • To delete external account simply click on the appropriate account with the right mouse button and select the Delete account item from the context menu
  • You can use the delete icon (trash) in the right panel
  • When deleting an external account, the messages on the server are not removed