Control Panel for Webhosting service

FORPSI Control Panel simplifies management and administration of the customers' web space. The Control Panel allows you to change configuration parameters of your web hosting and perform operations that are mostly done by experienced administrators of web space.

The Control Panel can be reached at As login enter the name of your domain and password for your FTP account.

Control Panel allows you to:
- See information about the server
- See information about the use of FTP space
- Limit access to FTP
- Set script permissions
- Set application directories
- Set Directory Browsing
- Protect directories with password
- Change the version of PHP
- Change the version of ASP.NET
- Change the mode of ASP.NET
- Restart Application Pool
- Adjust the error pages 403 and 404
- Create virtual subdomains

The possibilities may vary according to the selected hosting variant and installed operating system.