Shared calendar

Only the postmaster account can set shared calendar options. For this reason it is necessary to log in the webmail interface under the account postmaster@yourdomain.tld.

1. Shared calendar options

  • in contrast to the shared address book common domain accounts are allowed to edit shared calendar events
  • the postmaster account can give a writing access to other users; the remaining accounts will be possible to view events only
  • to set shared calendar options (look) click on the Shared calendar management item. This item is located on the bottom of the left side for Simple look. When use graphic looks (as Forpsi, Aqua...) the shared calendar management is placed inside the Calendar item.
  • it is possible to set the background color of shared events there

Corporate calendar management menu

shared calendar - settings

  • writing access
    • click on the left side menu item Shared calendar management
    • enter the full e-mail address into the text field User email address which will have a writing access to the shared calendar. It is necessary to use only an e-mail account created in your domain.
    • by clicking on the link on/off you can temporarily remove/allow the writing access from/to the appropriate account; only an e-mail account with the displayed link "On" can add/modify/delete shared events
    • the writing access is removed by clicking to the link Remove
    • you can use only email addresses, which has already created in the domain and user has already successfully logged in into webmail. The error message appears when attempted to add email account which doesn't match these conditions.
not created or logged in account

2. Add a shared event

  • start to create an event in the common way (click on the button New event; hold the left mouse button and drag on the day or week grid, ...)
  • choose the shared calendar in the Calendar combo box

  • modify other event parameters in the common way (event title, description, repeating, reminder, ...)
  • you can update the calendar s events by clicking on the button Reload (the button is situated in the top of the calendar view). It is useful in case another user adds a shared event.

3. Display and modify a shared event

  • shared events are displayed for all domain s accounts
  • when a lot of calendars and events are displayed in the calendar view, the understanding of all present data could be difficult. The calendar allows to filter events from a particular calendar by clicking the left mouse button on the calendar name.

filtering of calendars

  • shared events can be modified only by users (e-mail accounts) with writing access given by the postmaster. A window with informations about the reading access will be displayed to the other accounts when attempting to edit or delete the event

read only event

4. Delete a shared event

  • A shared event can be deleted only by its creator, the postmaster or an account with writing access to the shared calendar.
  • A postmaster account has all rights to edit any event from a shared calendar