The Webstorage provides a space on the server for each e-mail account. The Webstorage quota is equal to the mailbox quota. Your documents stored in the webstorage don t take up any space from the mailbox. You can find a description of the webstorage s features in the webmail help - section Webstorage.

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A short list of the basic features

1. Files management

  • single files upload
  • mass upload flash manager
  • download files from the webstorage to the local disk (use of ZIP compression available)
  • sending files as attachment directly from the webstorage
    copying and moving of documents between folders by using the mouse
  • online text editor (txt, html)
  • online images editor
    • tools: rotate, flip, contrast and brightness improvement
    • frames
    • filters: implode, explode, normalize, monochrome,solarize, oilpaint, grayscale...
    • ZIP archives viewer

2. E-mail features

  • save attached files to the webstorage
  • send files directly from the webstorage
  • attach files to the mail from the webstorage

3. Attach files from the webstorage when composing a message

  • When composing a message, you click on Attach and select From Web Storage from a list

attach files from web storage

  • Select a file (or several) from any folder of your online documents:
    • choose file(s)
    • click on Add button (if you want to attach more files, repeat this operation for each file to attach files to a composed message click on Select button
    • if you have added a file incorrectly and want to remove it, select it in the selection list and click Remove

4. Upload data into webstorage

  • go to the folder to which do you want to upload more files
  • click on Upload button; standard system window will appear
  • if you need to upload more files, use keys Ctrl and Shift
  • start upload by clicking to button Open

5. Large file management (BAM)

  • This feature allows to send a link to an attached file instead of the file itself. If you attach a large file with a size larger than the limit set on the Preferences page (section Composition) to the mail, only the link will be sent instead of the file.

BAM parameters setting

  • The attached file is available in the webstorage for a specified time - by default it is one month (the value is set for all customers) or until you delete it from the left side menu Attached file management (the file is copied there only when you upload it from the local computer)
  • You can manually set the use of the Large file attachment even if the size is under the limit



  • Recipient will receive an e-mail with the attached files containing the link to download the appropriate file

link to attached file

  • To properly display the link, the downloading of external links must be allowed on the recipient s mailsystem side (mostly webmail). If the download link is not resolved, please use the alternative text version.
  • A link is available for one month, then the appropriate file is deleted. When a file is attached from the local computer it is uploaded to the special webstorage folder. It may cause quota exceeding in case you forgot to delete it. To prevent this situation, you can delete the attached files manually on the page Attached file management.

attached files management